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Konig Hexaform - 17" Wheels

Konig Hexaform - 17" Wheels

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The Hexaform is a 6-spoke design built with flow-forming technology. Available in a NEW! Gloss White, Matte Bronze and Matte Black finishes! Konig has integrated feedback from their motorsport teams, racers and drivers into both of their new designs this year. They’ve pushed the face out and allowed for as much brake caliper protrusion as well as overall brake diameter near the drop center. This provides excellent caliper clearance for big brake car and aftermarket big brake kits.

Wheel Weight (Individual):

  • 17x8 = 17.2lbs
  • 17x9 = 18.52lbs
  • 17x9.5 = 19.4lbs

Load Rating:

  • 17x8 / 4x100 = 1267kg
  • 17x8 / 5x114.3 = 1543kg
  • 17x9 = 1322kg
  • 17x9.5 = 1543kg

*** Price listed is for a set of 4 wheels ***

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