NRG V2 Quick Lock Hub
NRG V2 Quick Lock Hub

NRG V2 Quick Lock Hub

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NRG Version 2 Quick Lock System. This upgraded quick lock has two additional features: Free spin cover to prevent anyone from steering it away and 75% increase in combination of keys.

These units are meant to quickly disable the hub. No more worries of someone simply replacing your steering wheel with their own to drive away with your vehicle. The product is made from solid steel and utilizes the Ball-Lock design and key mechanism. A perfect compliment to NRG Quick Release Systems, these units are meant to quickly and easily disable the use of the steering hub by not allowing the placement of a steering wheels into the hub.  

*Two Keys will be provided with no replacements

*Not compatible with Thin Version Quick Release or Quick Tilt System


  • Quick Hub disassembly
  • Available in various colors
  • Ball-Lock Design
  • added security
  • Solid Steel Construction