Rays Gram Lights 57DR Wheels - Semi Gloss Black 15x8 / 4x100 / +28
Rays Gram Lights 57DR Wheels - Semi Gloss Black 15x8 / 4x100 / +28

Rays Gram Lights 57DR Wheels - Semi Gloss Black 15x8 / 4x100 / +28


BRAND - Rays

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RAYS Engineering has recently released the Gram Light 57DR in a 15x8 size specifically for the US compact car market! The 15x8 sized line-up are geared towards smaller compact cars such as Miata's, Civics, and Integra's! 

The 57DR's concave face is the most popular feature of this wheel design, as well as the TE37-like narrower spokes. The bowed spoke allows ample clearances for big brake kits like Spoon, Wilwood, or Stoptech calipers.

Wheel Features

  • 15x8 / 4x100 / +28
  • Semi Gloss Black color (satin black)
  • 4 x air valves (pre-installed)
  • 4 x Gram Lights spoke decals
  • Weight: 13.9lbs
  • **Casting 1 piece wheel

Sold as a complete set (4 wheels). 

** RAYS makes a large number of aluminum wheel products using casting methods. Casting, a time-honored technique which involves pouring molten aluminum into dies, does not present the same difficulties as forging. Consequently, casting provides excellent cost performance and allows great freedom of design. Even while casting enables complex design and interesting details, it is essential to ensure that the product retains fundamental strength as a wheel. RAYS has a pragmatic approach to creating excellent products and has set out its own JWL+R standards for basic aluminum wheel strength. All the loading values exceed the JWL standards and other original test categories have been added. Every wheel made by RAYS has to conform to basic JWL+R strength standards.

Whether you want a sports wheel or a dress wheel, to assure users that they can buy RAYS products with confidence, every RAYS forged wheel receives a JWL+R Spec. 1, and every cast wheel JWL+R Spec. 2, inspection sticker.