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Work Emotion CR 3P - 19" Wheels - Matte Gunmetal

Work Emotion CR 3P - 19" Wheels - Matte Gunmetal

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The Emotion CR 3P is a three-piece construction wheel that uses one of WORK Wheels' most iconic designs.

High-end vehicles require high-end wheels. The WORK Emotion CR 3P is the solution for modified cars which require perfect fitment. Sometimes with lowered chassis, sometimes with wide fenders... Free your mind and free your car! The wheel is customizable to the infinite! Enjoy the Emotion, never end to challenge yourself! More freedom and higher status. WORK EMOTION high-end model "CR 3P" is available now!

  • Sold as a complete set of (4) wheels.
  • Center cap and lug nuts are sold separately.
  • Some wheels are made to order in Japan. Please allow 3-6 months for delivery.
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