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Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release Hub - Blue

Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release Hub - Blue

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Works Bell is Japan's premier interior performance company, well known for their Rapfix series of quick releases. The Rapfix II uses a patented ball locking design which will not come off during driving but allows for quick and easy removal. No play whatsoever, this is the ORIGINAL! This hub piece is a cold forged aluminum body, which is track tested and proven by the top Japanese race drivers. Makes it easier to get in and out of your car, and also provides added security when parked.

The Rapfix II height is 2.5" tall, so in some cases it may place the wheel too close to the driver. We highly consider using a Works Bell short hub instead of a standard length hub in order to have the correct distance between the driver and steering wheel.

The Rapfix II includes built in hidden terminals for your vehicle's horn, and is built with the precise tolerances and high quality materials that you can only find in genuine Works Bell products made in Japan. It features a plug and socket made from high strength A506 which is then heat treated to H34 standard to increase yield strength then cold forged, SUS304 stainless steel springs, SUJ ball bearings, SUS XM7 stainless steel cap screws. This forged construction makes it far stronger than merely machined counterfeits and knock offs. 


  • Genuine Works Bell product
  • Dual 6-bolt 70mm & 74mm PCD pattern
    Accepts Momo, Nardi, Personal, Mugen, Spoon, etc steering wheels
  • Pre-machined mounting holes
  • Anodized blue
  • Hidden horn terminals
  • Forged construction
  • Made and imported from Japan


  • Horn button wire
  • Horn button retaining rings
  • Mounting hardware

Vehicle Fitment

  • Universal - requires a 6-bolt 70mm PCD hub to mount onto

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